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“Lunch Beat”: New lunch-break trend from Scandinavia

časopis Contact #14

Roast pork, fried sausage and meat loaf are out; today it’s shake a leg or nothing during the lunch break. How does this work? The Swedes are showing us how, with “Lunch Beat”, the new health trend for the hour between twelve noon and one o’ clock.

The most important rules are easy. If it’s your first time: just dance. If it’s your second, third, fourth time: just dance. Everyone is your partner. No shop talk, and if you only want to eat, go somewhere else.


Office people get together at twelve noon on the dot, old and young, in a cult location. They switch off for a full hour and dance, dance, dance. A healthy snack and water are included in the admission charge. The magic ends at one o’clock – on the dot – and everyone goes back to work, happy and full of the joys of spring.

The Swede Molly Ränge went straight to the heart of the zeitgeist with her idea of Lunch Beat 2010. She simply wanted to combine her two passions – work and dancing. What started with fourteen people in an basement car park is winning more and more fans in cities all over the world. The first sessions are ready for off in Germany and Austria.

Find out more at www.lunchbeat.org


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