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X-Files unsolved: How much storage space does your office need?

časopis Contact #14

We’re all familiar with the scene: desks buried under a thick layer of paper or cabinets bursting with documents that even if superfluous are stubbornly rescued from the shredder. But who has the time to sort documents into important and unimportant?

As little as possible but as much as necessary – finding the right amount of storage space is one of the most important tasks that has to be clarified as soon as an office is planned. Because after all, the investment in storage space – from rolling containers to archive cabinets – amounts to 50 % of furnishing costs in an office. So it’s worth our while to make a critical examination of how much storage space we really need – in the immediate working environment, in team areas or archive zones.


The key questions are: “What do I use frequently, sometimes, or rarely?” or “What can I archive electronically?” Electronic archiving in particular is a major step forwards in the fight against escalating mountains of paper.

Regular “ throw-outs” are also to be recommended – most print-outs in any case have only a very brief half-life. In practice this is best dealt with when moving house or relocating – an opportunity to dispose of up to 30 % of archival documents. What’s left of the folders and documents can be stored in a space-saving and transparent way if you have the right office furniture. In this way you can continue to maintain an overall perspective in your office. And another thing, as professional office planners we are of course happy to support you any time in choosing the appropriate storage furniture.

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