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The cabinet system cage – a cage full of ideas.


design: neunzig° design

In times of increasing digitization, the demand for functional storage space is decreasing massively. The era of filing cabinets for meters is over, thus there is plenty of space for more creativity in your office! cage is a cabinet system that impresses with its striking design language and authentic blend of materials. It positions itself as a creative playground for design, storage and zoning in the office.
Although the revolution of the paperless office has failed to materialise, endless rows of filing cabinets in offices are a thing of the past in times of virtual storage space.
The design of the workplace now has an entirely new scope to choose from. Valuable space for more linear aesthetics is established and this simultaneously creates cosiness, both of which are indispensable for creative and brainstorming processes.
“Digitization is not just about reducing storage space in the office. New mobility aspects are created, and together with the decentralization of all work processes they change the entire space structure. In present times, an open layout of spatial structures is demanded to push direct communication. It is not meant as a bad joke that, based on these ideas, we named the cabinet system cage, but should rather express the contradictory result:  the departure from cellular offices towards open communication on one hand, and the desire for structure and orientation within the office on the other hand. Our product system cage perfectly fulfils these demands." states DI Markus Wiesner, Managing Director of the Wiesner-Hager Group regarding the new cabinet system.
Based on a distinct grid design, the cage system allows designers to create combinations that zone and structure space. A square profile tubular frame redefines the space and sets new accents. Open and closed modules, horizontal and vertical cubes and a choice of unusual materials open up a wealth of options for specifiers. A corner shelf element creates a natural transition between two components.
Using a great variety of finishes, colours and materials such as concrete, reclaimed oak or metal mesh, cage gives designers and architects plenty of scope to create the look they want.
In terms of storage space, cage offers great solutions for arranging and organising materials, and at the same time it also serves as a room divider and screen.
While the first and second document file levels are designed to be purely functional, the third level provides a full range of options thanks to open-top elements that provide transparency and open views. This level also serves as shelf space and for presentation and may be fitted with a tray and a magazine holder.

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