FH Technikum - Interior design - Dienstleistungen - Concept Wiesner-Hager

Case Study: FH Technikum Vienna

Interior Design Project: New Recreation Areas (2013)

By designing the break rooms and staff rooms the management of the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien wanted to address the employees’ needs in a special way. A survey should reveal which features are most important to the users of the regeneration zones. These were then considered in planning.


A main topic for each floor
Subsequently, Roomware Consulting developed concepts for various topics that were implemented in the departments’ staff kitchens. Apart from merely functional requirements the design quality played an important role in providing the desired comfort. Every floor level of the main building got a topic that was the basis for the design and impression. The “Zen Garden” is furnished ascetically in soothing colours like green and natural white. Furniture and decoration follow the Japanese style with straight lines and soft natural tones. The “Jungle” is kept in luscious, earthy colours. Dark wooden furniture with green accents provide for a relaxed atmosphere.

Space odyssey in the staff kitchen

The staff kitchen “Hightech”, by contrast, is kept clean and modern. Since it was important to test technical equipment developed by students, a media wall was fabricated that can be equipped with various technical devices. An optical highlight is a picture detail from the science fiction classic “2001: A Space Odyssee“ by Stanley Kubrick, which was applied as a translucent film onto a glass wall. The University of Applied Sciences obtained the express approval for this use from Warner Brothers. The picture was prepared from an original slide kept at the archive of the University of Arts in London.


Lifelong Learning
On the top floor, the LLL Academy (Life Long Learning) was designed as a break room for seminar participants. It offers more seats and sufficient space for food, recreation and communication.