ILG Geinberg - Interior design - Dienstleistungen - Concept Wiesner-Hager

Case Study: Innviertler Lagerhausgenossenschaft

Interior Design Project: new administration building and market hall (2012)

When the ILG (the warehouse cooperative "Innviertler Lagerhausgenossenschaft") decided to build a new administration building and market hall in 2010, Roomware Consulting was asked for advice regarding the spatial and functional concept of the buildings as well as the organization of the departments and all building services. Subsequently, the interior design was implemented in accordance with the corporate image of the enterprise and the requirements and needs of the employees.

The goal was to create a future-oriented concept: keeping the traditions and values of the ILG while at the same time setting a new and modern course. In the end, Roomware Consulting was in charge of the whole project from drawing up a concept to design supervision.