Trescon - Interior design - Dienstleistungen - Concept Wiesner-Hager

Case Study: Trescon

Interior Design Project: Modern office in a historic building, Linz (2012)

Trescon is a renowned personnel consulting company that moved their office in 2012. Integrating a modern office into a historic building envelope was an interesting challenge for Roomware Consulting, who devised the concept for walls and ceilings, as well as colours and lighting on the basis of the preexisting wooden floor in the office building. To create perfect light conditions in each room, the lamps were adapted to different requirements. In terms of furnishing, modern office furniture had to be combined with the antique pieces and accessories of the customer.

The entrance hall, which also includes a service area, has been designed friendly and inviting by combining cool blue walls with antique wooden furniture. By integrating seating furniture and a lounge, employees are invited to use the hallway as middle zone. The modern workplaces have been adapted to the specific requirements of personnel consultants.


Finally, by applying a sophisticated consulting and design concept and by closely cooperating with the customer, a harmonious and inviting

interior has been created on the basis of the conflicting priorities of old and new, traditional and modern.