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Case Study: Alois Pöttinger Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Office Consulting Project: Expansion of existing office building, Grieskirchen, Upper Austria (2014)

The company Pöttinger, in Grieskirchen, Upper Austria is expanding its existing office building in the framework of the Arbeitswelt 2015 project. By 2015 a new addition and storey will have been built for employees on a total of approx. 4700 m2 and the existing surfaces refurbished.
In addition to the overall project management of Pöttinger Facility Management, Roomware Consulting was commissioned with the complete office space design and planning.
The architectural planning was carried out by the architectural firm of Feichtinger from Bad Schallerbach.

The aim was to optimally position the new office areas for 330 employees by thinking through the zoning and planning of the premises from scratch and ensure that the workflow is supported in the best possible manner. The basis for this was a utilisation plan with open office and communication areas from Roomware Consulting. The requirements were planned in different project teams, variations were analysed and the building dimensions (based on the architectural draft) and zoning were specified. In addition, the specifications for furnishing the office spaces and special areas (conference, archive, social area, logistics) were defined together with the company Pöttinger. In autumn 2014 the first employees were able to relocate into the new premises. The project will be completed in March 2015.