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Case Study: Brau Union Austria

Office Consulting Project: Renovation of existing office building, Linz, Upper Austria (2015)

The renovated wing of the general management building of Austrian brewery Brau Union Österreich in Linz opened its doors in March 2015. The aim of the renovation work was to meet the demands of general and IT management to give the 40-year-old facilities a more modern design with a new colour scheme. Roomware Consulting was commissioned with the comprehensive office design project and its implementation. Included in the renovation project were the offices of the IT departments which have an extremely team-oriented, process-driven working style. For this reason, planning moved away from the classic “cell structure” to an open space design.

A special challenge was presented by the fact that an area of only 300 m² was available to implement plans. Walls were removed in the renovated wing so as to create a variety of zones within the open space: team offices, a quiet room as a withdrawal space with its own ventilation system, and a working café/lounge. Archives and storage rooms were drastically reduced in favour of these zones. The open space structure has been interrupted here and there (e.g. by a wall of colourful Pixy Cubes) to create a “psychological screen”. The installation of acoustic grid ceilings, moreover, ensures a high degree of sound absorption.