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Making the office world come alive: New Wiesner-Hager exhibition loft

Magazine Contact #17

Since June 2013, we've been very pleased with our new showroom at the Wiesner-Hager headquarters in Altheim. On an area of 700 m² imaginative solutions for offices and buildings are presented. Thus, the new loft has become a visible signal for the strategic re-positioning of the enterprise as a supplier of concepts.

In the autumn of 2012 we started reconstructing the former production hall to turn it into an industrial loft. The nature and impression of the loft should be retained and serve as a platform for presenting the idea of "Concept Wiesner-Hager": "We want to support our customers in creating the prerequisites for efficient working while ensuring that the employees are happy in their work environment. To implement this is the objective of "Concept Wiesner-Hager", which is based on the interplay of the three service modules Office Consulting, Interior Design, and Furnishing", explains Managing Director Markus Wiesner.


A loft with an industrial character

Entering the foyer in the entrance hall, there's a real eye-catcher leaping out at you: the Magic Cube designed by Gustav Peichl and built by Wiesner-Hager. It was built on the occasion of the exhibition featuring Austria in the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn in 1996 to present the performance of Austrian architects. Under the title "Architecture from 1896 - 1996" the works of 16 architects were presented in the individual drawers. Moreover, in the entrance hall area items relating to the subject of Care Living and wooden chairs are exhibited, as well as the piece of lounge furniture LTB on which guests can have a seat. The access to the loft is a staircase of metal and glass featuring the same formal vocabulary as the partition walls, platforms and chair shelves. The choice of materials used emphasizes the character of an industrial loft: the floor is a cast magnesite screed as it is used in production halls. All cables and conduits were left visible, plasterboards were consciously omitted.


Intelligent partitioning

To retain the generous concept of the room, partition walls with transom windows and lateral glass surfaces provide for zoning the rooms and the functions. The front area of the loft consists of a bar and a presentation area featuring a TV monitor and/or a screen for presentations in front of larger groups.

The screens as well as the whole room technology such as lighting, media and presentation technology, as well as shading can be controlled centrally from a media trolley. The partitions are acoustically effective: MDF acoustic panels supplied by the Swiss company Topakustik featuring very fine perforation, painted in a bright grey, lower the noise level. The cabinet bodies of the bar seem to grow out of the wall, taking the violet colour of the seams to the body.


Room for ideas

Behind the lounge and presentation area there are two meeting zones provided with TV monitors, conference table systems and cabinets with fabric and surface patterns. They are mainly used for customer pitches and minor internal meetings. The main part of the loft, however, is used to present the furniture, showing combinations and design options in various styles, impressions and sizes for situations found in office, communication and regeneration areas. The space is zoned by means of shelves, plants, folding screens and curtains.


Looking back

Of course, a company founded back in 1849 also needs a museum area. The rear part of the loft is used to show not only the general history of the Wiesner-Hager Möbel GmbH, but also exhibitions on special topics. The first one is a presentation of the great-grandfathers of the modern swivel chair back to the year 1930.


Stage for regional artists

And what would go better with beautiful furniture and interior design than a piece of art? The pictures of the painter Robert Schuster are the first in a row of regional artists who will show their pictures in the loft. They round out the overall concept of the new exhibition loft, which is to be a lively reflection of current trends, past standards and latest developments in the fields of Office Consulting, Interior Design, and Furnishing.

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