Offices, canteens or event halls - seating is at the heart of every room. From the ergonomic swivel chair at the desk, to row chairs for efficient hall seating, to the cozy lounge area - you will find the right seating for every situation in the versatile Wiesner-Hager range.

Office workers sit at their desks for at least eight hours a day. Since permanent static sitting on unsuitable chairs can quickly lead to serious damage to the human musculoskeletal system, the right office chair is essential. Our Wiesner-Hager office chairs convince not only with sophisticated ergonomic standards but also with their attractive and varied design. In addition, our swivel chairs are "Made in Austria".

three swivel chairs next to each other
three swivel chairs next to each other

Ergonomics in the workplace: swivel chairs, conference chairs and cantilever chairs.

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Person sits in front of the desk in the home office. A red cat is standing at the desk.

Ciao kitchen chair! Work ergonomically even at home.

At the kitchen table, on the sofa, or even in bed? Where did you set up office at home? It’s no problem to make yourself comfortable with your notebook on the sofa for a short time. However, for a longer-term move to working from home, care should be taken to ensure an ergonomic working environment.

Stacking, linking, arranging - our diverse selection of chairs guarantees the right solution for every space requirement. Communication zones, regeneration rooms, event halls or waiting areas - thanks to the high quality and attractive design, our chairs fit perfectly into any situation.

Detail shot of black rows of chairs.
Detail shot of black rows of chairs.

Discover our all-round talents: from row chairs to bar stools to bistro chairs.

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Working café with yellow lounge seating. | © Studio Perspektiv

Café Entrance. First impressions count: rethinking foyer areas!

The office is becoming a place of meeting, cooperation and communication. Newly emerging collaborative zones offer the ideal environment for meetings and project work. Modern collaboration software tools are opening up additional opportunities for cross-site communication.

Living room, marketplace or lounge? The central zone is both a meeting point and an oasis of calm. Upholstered furniture such as stools, couches or armchairs are ideal for promoting relaxation, communication and creativity in central zones and regeneration areas.

Room with two white benches.
Room with two white benches.

Stars of the central zone: couch, armchair and stool.

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New relevance of central zones.

What can be done with the underexposed area in the centre of the office? More options are becoming available, at least in theory. In practice, however, employers are afraid of too much comfort and too little efficiency. Studies prove the opposite: an attractively designed central zone with recreational areas and spaces for letting off steam is a win-win situation for all.


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