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Wiesner-Hager furnishing the Air Navigation Institute in Prague

Magazine Contact #18

The “Czech Air Navigation Institute” (CANI) in Prague is a training centre for airport personnel – specialised in security and further development in air traffic.

In the summer of 2013 the headquarters and training centre were renovated. Distinctive customer orientation is a key element of the CANI corporate culture: Successful training is not only seen as a personal benefit but also as an entertaining experience. This fundamental attitude is also reflected in the interior design – planned by the Czech architect firm of Drobny Architects.


The client wanted an unconventional and original design. Drobny Architects was thus able to properly let loose when preparing the creative concept and they played with colours and forms. Elements of air traffic were also supposed to be found in the design so they decided to use flight routes, among other elements, as a template for the design. The “ellipses” impart a sense of aerodynamics and are positioned in the reception area in the colour blue, which corresponds to CI as well as being reminiscent of the heavens.

In the conference rooms and common rooms ellipses were used as pink-coloured, violet and green accents. Targeted light installations additionally emphasise the lightness and elegance of the interior design.


Drobny Architects arbeiten schon länger mit Wiesner- Drobny Architects has been working together with Wiesner-Hager in Prague for quite some time. For the CANI project we were commissioned with furnishing the cafeteria, office, training and conference rooms as well as the service rooms for the air traffic controllers. The furniture was to be elegant, but also timeless and of a high quality. The furniture used included bistro chairs and tables from the macao cafeteria line, grace lounge chairs, fizz barstools, office furniture, swivel chairs and the mobile conference table n_table and high-density outline stacking chairs.

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