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WH Collection: How high-end accessories are pieced together from cut-offs

Magazine Contact #19

The young Czech company Contiqua uses design for breathing new life into waste materials. Production wastes from Wiesner-Hager have been recycled like this in a sensible and sustainable manner since 2013.

Every production company has scraps, odds and ends of material that are of no value and usually get thrown away. Contiqua uses these wastes and makes new products from them in a creative process. The focus here is on all those materials that are difficult to recycle, or that lose a high proportion of their additional value in the manufacturing process.


Together with Wiesner-Hager Contiqua has launched a collection of fashion accessories under the brand name WH Collection. WH stands for Wiesner-Hager. The office furniture producer supports the designer by supplying Wollsdorf leather cut-offs from the Humpolec production works in the Czech Republic. Contiqua turns these into stylish accessories. “Protecting the environment in the choice of materials is of central importance for Wiesner-Hager. Wollsdorf leather is the perfect choice for high profile accessories, such as briefcases or handbags that need to meet the highest fashion and sustainability standards,” Jindřich Fialka, CEO and founder of Contiqua, commented on the WH Collection.


The ideas for the accessories come from designer Mili Havrlantová. They are then hand finished at Freja Manufaktura in the town of Klatovy, which is widely known as the leather design capital of the Czech Republic.


Jindřich Fialka in interview

Jindřich Fialka is the founder and CEO of Contiqua. He was already working together with artists in Prague and Vienna at the age of 16. In our interview he talks on among other subjects about the creation of the WH Collection with Wiesner-Hager and tells of his plans for the future:


How did the WH Collection begin life?

I met Zdeněk Brisuda, Sales Manager of Wiesner-Hager in the Czech Republic, at HUB* in Prague last year. Zedenek Brisuda and I had an absorbing chat about our work and hatched the idea of using leather cut-offs from the Wiesner-Hager factory in Humpolec for our new creations.

Since the quantities and dimensions of the waste materials can be calculated very precisely in Humpolec it was possible for us to come up with a relatively large designer item – a clutch bag – and to produce it.


Were the first steps on the way difficult?

It was easy to develop many contacts thanks to the good HUB network. We are now working with 18 different partner companies in finishing our products. But we still have a long way ahead of us, because every new item needs to be perfected with a lot of work on the design and production. We are constantly finding things that can be improved or made in a more attractive and professional way, for example the stitching, edgings and colours.


What is the source of your inspiration?

I always let myself be inspired by the material. Take the example of the WH Collection. The high quality of the Wollsdorf leather is predestined for something special. We have also tried to breathe something of the Wiesner-Hager spirit into the products, style plus highly functional design, sophistication down to the last detail. The entire collection was then developed from this start.


Where can your products be bought?

We present and sell our work on our Website


Do you intend to expand your range in the future?

Yes, and we will be bringing even more new products onto the market before the end of the year. Furthermore we plan a wallet, a cash card case and a mobile phone case all in different colours for the WH Collection.


* HUB is an office concept that provides work rooms or space for young companies in their start-up phase, or also for established self-employed professionals, catering for their specific needs. Wiesner-Hager Czech Republic also has a base in HUB, which is used for

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