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Expertly paired up: how recruiting works today

Magazine Contact #20

It should be a perfect fit, it shouldn’t twist us or restrict us. It should offer us opportunities to grow and develop. And it should pick us up when things aren’t going so well elsewhere. We’re not talking about the ideal partner, but the profession which should be nothing less than a vocation.

Turmoil on the job market
In effect the job market is still ruled by the deepest analogous Middle Ages. The classic job application portfolio occupies undisputed pride of place, career forms on websites are the ultimate in digital sentiments, and even there the traditional personal data sheet and references have to be uploaded. These are then downloaded and printed out in the Human Resources Department.

This process is cumbersome and inefficient. A representative questionnaire carried out by market research institution YouGov establishes that 40 percent of participants had to wait three to six weeks for a response to their application. Over 20 percent did not receive any response at all to more than ten applications – although 59 percent had sent ten or significantly more applications. In the last few years, movement has come into the job market – times are changing. Not least because applicants are no longer supplicants and companies increasingly have to compete for talents. Young start-ups and modern business ideas exploit this situation.

Platforms and apps enter the stage
One example of this is the internet platform Talents Connect. It brings employers and employees together. On the one hand, it alerts applicants to the existence of jobs of which they were completely unaware. On the other, it brings companies into contact with potential employees whom they increasingly rarely reach through traditional channels. The work involved is performed in the background by an algorithm which eclipses even career portals like Xing, Monster and Stepstone.

Talents Connect operates on a similar basis to a dating platform. The potential applicant compiles a personal profile including his interests, qualities, preferences and also things which are important to him in his profession. The advantage is that in this way people are less likely to present themselves as they believe they should present themselves according to the job advertisement.

Companies, for their part, can apply certain filters to the platform, for instance, to only be shown people who live within a radius of 20 kilometres or who gained top grades in mathematics. And so the one leads to the other: jobs are found, applicants are accepted.

Besides Talents Connect there are other providers who are starting to revolutionise the applications market. The Truffls app (a product of the creative laboratory of the Axel Springer media group) is a type of dating app for jobseekers. Like the flirt app Tinder, the user can swipe across job advertisements on his smartphone. The poor ones move to the left and are thus deleted. The good ones migrate to the right, the advertising firm automatically receives an anonymous short profile of the user and can – if interested – get in contact. By contrast, provider MobileJob focusses on the other side of the application – the companies. It helps in the search for apprentices and addresses them just where they are: in social media, on the internet in general or by text message. Using a maximum of six questions, important details which are usually not included in applications are clarified in advance, such as driving licence category or willingness to do shift work. The applicant is then reminded of the interview via the same channel. According to MobileJob, it succeeds on average in acquiring five times more qualified applicants for its clients than by traditional means.

Dream couple found!
While older generations still clearly viewed their job as a source of finances and social inclusion, it today has to be “my one and all”. This makes the search for a job more difficult and calls for better resources. The current trend is making a strong move in the direction of online dating. And so just as online matchmaking agency Parship advertises that it loses its clients in pairs – something that they claim makes them extremely happy – it will presumably in future be similar too on the digital job market: dream couple brought together, expertly paired up!

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