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Wiesner-Hager furnished the Landessonderausstellung [State Special Exhibition] 2015 in Gallneukirchen.

Magazine Contact #21

The Landessonderausstellung [State Special Exhibition] 2015 is engaging with the development of social security and the history of the social state. Wiesner-Hager was commissioned to furnish the café, including the dining hall and the entire event facilities.

On nearly 1000 square metres the terms of “life course risks” and “life chances” are made tangible with texts, symbols, graphics, activation materials and interactive thematic approaches. Particularly impressive is an interactive wheelchair and pram simulator, which gives the driver of the device the sense that they are actually located on a street with all of the obstacles, inclines and kerbs. The exhibition is being held in the former Bethanien Deaconess House (abbreviated: Bethanien House) of the Diakoniewerke. Since opening in 1909, the architecturally outstanding house in the centre of Gallneukirchen in Mühlviertel has always been dedicated to social responsibility. It was a ladies home, a shelter for refugees and the wounded, an emergency hospital during World War II, a lodging for guests, small bookshop and a residence for students of the Schwesternvorschule, later also for the educational facility for curative education professions. The building is currently listed and was adapted and renovated by architects at Luger & Maul ZT GmbH (Project management: Architect Mag. arch. et art. Franz Josef Maul) for the Landessonderausstellung [State Special Exhibition].

The façade of the building built with art nouveau elements remained preserved, the interior was completely redesigned.


The furniture was to be timeless, of a high quality and – due to the subsequent use of the building – particularly long-lasting. macao chairs and tables as well as n.f.t. folding tables were used in the bistro area. The exterior areas of the café were furnished with the weather-proof macao outdoor programme. nooi stackable chairs and n.f.t. folding tables, among other furniture, were chosen to make the event centre use as flexible as possible.


After the Landessonderausstellung [State Special Exhibition], Bethanien House will also be a place for social work: The art and culture area will house employment offers for people with disabilities, likewise a day care for people with dementia and supervised living apartments for seniors. The new house also offers room for the adjacent schools, the Deaconry Academy, an archive and a small museum as well as an event hall and a prayer room.

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