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About the origins of the modern office chair.

Magazine Contact #22

The modern office with its differentiated tasks and professions and its classic basic furniture – table, chair and storage facility – came into being during industrialisation in the 19th century. This period also saw the commencement of the triumphant advance of the “movable” office chair, closely associated with the invention of the typewriter in the late 19th century.

Wiesner-Hager’s first “desk chair” – a wooden swivel armchair with a spindle – was produced in 1930. Office seating was established as an independent field of business in the early 1950s. The first “spring swivel chairs” (model FD2) emerged in 1951. Equipped with a seat of solid wood, a fixed backrest and a static four-legged frame, it still ranked among the more uncomfortable contemporaries. But within a few years there emerged a varied range of spring swivel chairs which provided

office workers with considerably more comfort thanks to upholstered seats and backs, frames on castors and height-adjustable backrests. In the 1960s, office chairs were increasingly fitted with ergonomic features. The addition of numerous adjustment options brought swivel chair design very close to the performance capability of the modern office chair of today. Wiesner-Hager’s early involvement and ongoing developments in the areas of functions and ergonomics have made the company the market leader for office chairs in Austria for six decades now.

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