furniloop: Office Culture meets Circular Economy

Anyone who embraces forward-looking office culture must offer product solutions that satisfy the requirements of the circular economy. With the furniloop range of office desks, Wiesner-Hager combines smart features, creative design and high quality with the opportunity to use the products in new life cycles by recycling them - entirely in line with the principles of the circular economy.

The name furniloop symbolises the cycle of the product or its components. The prerequisites for refurbishing reusable components were established right from the product design stage. It is the goal of the design process to significantly reduce the consumption of material resources and lower CO2 emissions. Acting with ecology in mind should not be a tedious chore. It requires products that are sustainable and durable and that excel through intelligent features and creative design. It is precisely this combination which defines the conceptual approach of furniloop.

The desk range consists of four different frame types: symmetrical and asymmetrical frames, with a choice of electric or mechanical height adjustment. The version that is electrically height-adjustable satisfies the need for ergonomic workplaces. This is because frequently changing position between dynamic sitting and standing takes the strain off your spine and relaxes your back muscles.

Particular importance is also attached to the screening. The fabric-covered, pinnable privacy panel is offered in two different sizes and encloses the workspace on three sides. This creates a sense of peace and privacy, especially as the panel made of recycled polyester fibres has excellent sound-absorbing properties. In addition to its purely functional aspects, the screen also serves as a defining design element that lends the table expression. The screen can also be moved to the back, which makes it easy to lay cables inconspicuously between the back of the desktop and the privacy panel.

While materials such as plastics are avoided because they do not meet the criteria for potential recycling, the option of a solid oak tabletop paves the way for a sustainable, emission-free and qualitative approach.

In short: The furniloop desk range is a successful combination of design, quality and circular economy.


Design: neunzig°design

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