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Air Whiteboard
Ceramic steel writing board with bevelled white edges. The distinct lines and minimalist design help to put your ideas in the centre of attention. The board design gives the board a sense of floating on the wall.

Air Textile and Air Spaces Whiteboard
Air Spaces are made by connecting Air whiteboards to each other, creating large continuous writing spaces. Concealed fittings measuring less than 1 mm, help to connect the boards perfectly. Textile modules can also be added. These can be placed on the edge or in between two whiteboards. The pinnable modules can be mounted on either side of an Air Whiteboard or in between boards in Air Spaces.

Air Flow Whiteboard
Air Flow’s bevelled edges and unique soft shape give the board a sense of flowing on the wall.

Design: Christian Halleröd

Producer Air-Serie: Lintex

Not available in UK.


Ferroscript Whiteboard
The Ferroscript Whiteboard is made from stable aluminium frame, which also allows to add elements. The enamelled, magnetic surface is scratch- and acid-resistant, and can be cleaned with a damp or dry cloth. 

Producer: magnetoplan

Not available in UK.

Air Flow
Photo: Lintex