motiv: Seating with a smile

Arrive - sit down - get started: The modern working world creates new demands on products. These should be immediately functional, easy to understand and suitable for use by different people. In terms of office chairs, this means that no one wants to take the time to adjust countless levers in order to finally sit comfortably. This trend towards rigorous simplification is reflected in the motiv range of office chairs with automatic weight recognition.

Design: Andreas Krob


Swivel chairs make an important ergonomic contribution. In the past, numerous norms and regulations set ergonomic standards. A whole range of individual setting options were made available - settings that, unfortunately, were often not used or not used correctly in practice. With motiv, Wiesner-Hager has developed an office chair with automatic weight recognition that is geared to the changing work situation and needs of the user. The chair focuses on key ergonomic requirements: Support of the passive musculoskeletal system, relief of the intervertebral discs and activation of the cardiovascular system by means of dynamic sitting.

What is referred to as "usability" in the world of IT also applies to office chairs: greatly simplified use and intuitive operation instead of numerous adjustment levers. Many users have neither the time nor the inclination to worry about fine-tuning a swivel chair: Arrive, sit down and get started is their motto. The increasing decentralisation of work also means that workplaces are used more frequently by a variety of people. Not least for this reason, office chairs should be ready for immediate use without losing sight of ergonomics.

A new approach to ergonomics: the twist-balance mechanism.

The twist-balance mechanism of motiv exploits the advantages of a synchronous mechanism and dispenses with the complexity of conventional mechanisms. It makes it possible to detect weight automatically with very few, but all the more flexible components by allowing the kinetic forces of the materials to take effect. A pre-tensioned spring made of high-strength polymer plastic reacts to the user's body weight when they sit down: the more weight the spring is subjected to, the greater the resistance. This automatically regulates the pressure on the backrest, thereby creating an intuitive sitting experience. No fine adjustment is necessary because motiv is able to accommodate a wide range of users from 50 to 120 kilos. At the touch of a button, the backrest can be locked in the forwardmost position. The design of the mechanism results in an elasticity of the backrest that promotes micro-movements of the spine, thus stimulating the supply of nutrients to the intervertebral discs.

Design concept that focuses on seating dynamics and comfort:

Technically, the spring of the mechanism together with the backrest supports form a kind of clamp that elegantly connects the seat and the back. While the outer contour of the mesh frame has a very dynamic design, the seat promises a high level of comfort both visually and haptically. "I wanted to create the feeling of enjoyment when sitting in the chair. The feeling of comfort was to be intensified not only by the generous upholstery, but also by the pronounced horizontal radius. Overall, the round shape of the seat is in contrast to the rather technically straight surfaces of the mechanism, the armrests and the backrest," explains designer Andreas Krob, summarising the design concept of motiv.


The compact office chair motiv_s with its low upholstered back was developed specifically for agile, temporary work settings with different users. The round shape of the seat combined with an oval upholstered back ensures high seating comfort, maximum freedom of movement and active back support even during dynamic position changes and lateral movements. The design of motiv_s plays with charming design references from the history of swivel chairs and combines them with a state-of-the-art mechanical concept for automatic weight detection and adjustment. The compact and homely appearance also makes the chair ideal for use in the home office. 

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