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design: greutmann bolzern

The many different varieties of face-to-face communication in enterprises require mobile table systems, quickly responding to each new situation. n_table accomplishes this end optimally, featuring very easy handling, a quick change of configurations with little effort, extremely space-saving storage, ample leg room, an intelligent integration of technology and sophisticated accessories.

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Conclusion: n_table offers a maximum of comfort and mobility combined with contemporary design for modern office architecture.

Seminar, Workshop, Meeting


Patent folding mechanism. With gas spring for safe and smooth folding of the table top.
Modesty panels folding up together with top.
Optional electric cabling. Easy plug-in above table top level.
Folding table top. Can be operated with one hand.
Horizontal and vertical cable channel. Already integrated in basic version. Invisible cable guides from table to table.
Lateral or cross linking. On request, the tables can be provided with quick linking device.

Everything is in your hands.

Variants & technical data


Rectangular table C-leg


Rectangular table T-leg


Rectangular table T-leg frame positioned further inwards


Quarter round table T-leg

Creating the perfectly suitable table configuration in just a few minutes: n_table is movable through (lockable) castors, thus permitting the quick and
easy rearrangement of configurations. Various applications such as conferences, seminars, meetings, workshops, presentations, or training courses can thus be rearranged in no time at all.

On request, quick linking devices are available, ensuring a flush and safe linking of the tables to compensate any floor unevenness, for example. Tables not needed for the moment can be “parked” and stored with tops folded up to save space.

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