Table systems

spyn flip-top table

design: delphin design

Workshops, training sessions, meetings, project work – the demands placed on the space available for teams and for collaboration are diverse. With spyn, Wiesner-Hager has developed a mobile flip-top table that caters to the mostly very limited space available in offices thanks to its flexible range of applications.

flexible to organize
mobile on wheels

Communication in motion.

With this mobile folding table, changing configurations quickly to suit the particular application intended becomes child’s play. Tables that are not needed can simply be swivelled and parked in a row to save space.

Meeting, Education, Collaboration zone, Event, Hospitality, Conference, Convention, Seminar, Workshop


The characteristic inverted y-frame accentuates the reduced design language of spyn. This guarantees a serene overall appearance, even with larger table configurations.
Uniform linking elements for linking lengthwise or crosswise.
Swivel mechanism that enables the table top to be folded easily and securely.
Park & Ride: Tables that are not in use can be parked to save space.
Generous legroom.
Modesty panels made from perforated sheet steel, fold away with top (optional for rectangular table 3453).

Everything is in your hands.

Variants & technical data


Rectangular table


High table


High table


Mobile standing table.

spyn is also offered as a mobile standing table. Shorter meetings in particular are often held while standing in order to infuse added agility into project groups and teams. This facilitates interaction with visualisation media and multimedia technology. It also promotes free thinking, creative brainstorming and a change of perspective. With the standing table, too, the patented swivel mechanism of the table top quickly creates space when the tables are no longer needed.

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