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BREAK THE WALL: Fresh design and smart functions.


There is a lot of creative poten-tial in our new products: the fresh design and smart functions open up a wide range of applications in all areas of communication and regeneration. Discover up-to-date answers for contemporary architecture in offices and public spaces. Stay up to date with our new products: Subscribe to our newsletter now!  
puc: the versatile all-rounder.
The multi-purpose chair puc can be used in all areas of contract architecture – from a linkable chair in auditorium seating to a solo chair. The chair family owes its po-pularity to its wide range of variants and „hidden“ features: This is made possible by useful and intelligent features that are cleverly integrated into the design of the chair: the simple linking system with integrated panic lock is hidden inconspi-cuously underneath the lateral shell moulding. puc combines design quality with all the functional requirements.
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batch: Hard core, soft shell.
With the skid-base chair batch, Wiesner-Hager has succeeded in combining a minimalist approach to design with technological sophistication: The graphic two-component shell has a hard core and a soft outer shell. This is why batch offers excellent sitting comfort despite its flat design – the usual pressure points on the edges cannot be felt. The possibility of densely stacking up to 30 chairs at a height of only 2m is the prerequisite for space-saving storage. The rows are connected by means of a linking element integrated into the frame glides.
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font: Encourages your playful instinct.
If you are looking for a counterpoint to the rigour and rationality of the right angle, you will find the perfect partner in the font wooden chair range. Its gentle form without rigid alignment encourages a change of sitting position. This makes font particularly interesting for use in rooms where the focus is on inspiration, mobility and playfulness – in other words, in all areas dedicated to relaxation, creative communication and the generation of ideas. The chair plays on the natural human need to sit. The backrest extends round to the front and – almost purely by accident – can also be used as an armrest.
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delv: The smart conference chair.
The innovative, ergonomic design of the delv conference swivel chair combines a dynamic seating philosophy with trendsetting kinetics: the new twist-balance mechanism replaces conventional mechanisms and enhances ergonomic performance. It scores with 360° mobility of the seat and back. At the same time, it promotes the micro-movements of the spinal column and stimulates the supply of nutrients to the intervertebral discs. delv adapts to its users - thanks to the automatic weight detection.
This is of particular advantage during conferences and desk sharing, when several people use the smart conference chair. The combination of top-quality materials, ergonomic innovation and contemporary design makes delv the ideal choice for use in prestigious offices.
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