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»Ecological transparency instead of environmental babble«


In January 2020, the first theme night in »6xEight« format of "IG Architektur", an interest group focusing on architecture, addressed the responsibility of the construction industry and planners in sustaining and averting climate change. Six speakers explored this issue from a variety of perspectives.
Wiesner-Hager Möbel GmbH acted as host and contributed the keynote speech. Chartered engineer, Gerhard Steigthaler, technical manager at Wiesner-Hager, explained what distinguishes real efforts towards sustainability & resource conservation from what is unfortunately all too rampant "environmental babble". His credo: Every environmental policy begins with transparency. This is why Wiesner-Hager has been preparing corporate ecological assessments in accordance with ISO 14040 since 2010, and certified environmental product declarations in accordance with ISO 14025 since 2012, thus identifying all environmental impacts (e.g. CO2 emissions, the generation of photochemical ozone and ozone depletion, etc.) for every product in every variant at the push of a button. This transparency is the key to establishing facts and comparability.

After all, construction and architectural practice is responsible for almost 40% of global climate emissions - because in addition to the emissions generated by the running of a building, there are also those associated with the materials and construction processes during the entire life cycle of a building. Experts from the companies Materialnomaden, Siblik, Baumit and austria solar, an Austrian lobby group for solar and photovoltaic energy, presented their views on this issue.
The lectures were rounded off by architects4future, who, with their list of demands, have set themselves the goal of working together to transform the construction industry from within.
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