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element – lounge seating programme


design: Boris Klimek

Living room, market place or lounge?
The lounge and collaboration zone is the perfect space for impromptu meetings or just to find a bit of peace and quiet. The element modular upholstered furniture programme was specially developed for lounge and collaboration zones in open-plan offices. The backrest elements can be fitted vertically one on top of the other – individually and in different combinations. The height of the upholstered backrest determines the degree of visual and acoustic screening. Spatially, element can be grouped in different combinations, from the individual sofa to large configurations, making it particularly suitable for new forms of communication, as a place to withdraw to or as a temporary workstation.
Lounge and collaboration zones as a meeting space.
The trend towards streamlining and downsizing the classic workstation means that free space near workstations is migrating into the lounge and collaboration zone, which, in turn, is playing an increasingly central role as a communication hub. From brainstorming sessions for finding ideas, to classic business meetings or private chats – this zone offers the perfect space for all these activities as well as a refuge for those seeking a few moments of quiet reflection. The high level of modularity in element’s design facilitates its flexible integration into the organisational and spatial context of office architecture.

Cooperation: mminterier

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