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nooi: The flexible multipurpose chair with impressive connections


design: neunzig° design

nooi is the brand new seating product from Wiesner-Hager: a stacking chair with an interlocking frame to link the chairs together. Simple and intelligent, easy and quick: Setting up chairs in different scenarios is child’s play with this ingenious design from the neunzig°design studio. Based on the idea of having a simple shell chair for all main communication areas, nooi is the perfect solution for auditoriums, cafes, canteens and waiting areas, as well as seminar and training rooms.

One seat shell – various frames: At the heart of the chair’s design concept is an ergonomic and shapely seat shell for which a number of different frame options were de-veloped. nooi therefore offers the possibility of having a consistent look throughout the whole office landscape. Furthermore, the seat shell is available in eight colours – monochrome or bi-colour – or with upholstery.

Staying connected is child’s play.
At the centre of the product family is the chair for largescale / auditorium seating. The nooi 4 leg stacking chair links via the chair frame, meaning that there is no need for any extra row linking elements. The principle is simple yet clever: the 2 adjoining legs are stacked on top of each other, always linking from left to right. This quick and easy linking design has been applied for a patent and works with or without armrests. One key advantage is that it offers extra space for a very generous seat width. Visually, nooi creates a sleek aesthetic and a streamlined, uncluttered look, as there are fewer visible legs. Seat numbering is by means of a discreet plastic strip on the upper backrest. In addition setting up and storing away chairs is quick and easy: nooi can be stacked vertically, safely and densely, needing very little storage space.

With nooi Wiesner Hager is presenting a stacking chair with what has to be the easiest row linking function on the market. No additional connectors or tricky handling to contend with - just stack the adjoining legs on top of each other and that’s it, job done! It couldn’t be simpler. In addition, the chair family is rounded off with a sled-based stacking chairs developed especially for multi-purpose communication areas, a bench for waiting and reception areas, and a stylish cafe chair.

Design: neunzig°design

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