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Seamless laser edge


In the context of the Industrie 4.0 project Wiesner-Hager is the first office furniture manufacturer in Austria to introduce a laser edge.
Traditional hot melt adhesive edge versus modern laser edge.

Until recently, modern technology used hot melt EVA- or polyurethane-based adhesives in the edging process. A disadvantage of this method is a visible glue joint leading to a visual separation of the table top and the edging. Moreover, leakage of adhesive during the glueing process means that contamination of the table top surface cannot be completely avoided. These adhesive residues must subsequently be removed using environmentally harmful solvents. The relatively soft glue joint becomes increasingly dirty during use, making the joint even more visible. Laser technology, by contrast, no longer involves the application of adhesives. Instead, the reverse side of the edging is made of a special plastic which is heated using a laser beam and thereby plasticised. The edge is subsequently pressed on by machine, causing the solidifying molten plastic to bond with the supporting material. The result is what appears to be a single, seamless piece without any visible transition between the edge and the decorative layer.
An immaculate seamless look: laser processing guarantees durable seamless edging, marking a genuine milestone in table top design.
Environmentally friendly by eliminating the use of adhesives and organic cleaning agents and reducing energy consumption.

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