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Wiesner-Hager customer event: Artificial Intelligence with Humour


This year's customer event in Altheim and Vienna was themed "Artificial Intelligence with Humour" and was accompanied by the cabaret artist Christoph Maul (www.christoph-maul.de).
Artificial intelligence has long found its way into the office life. Concepts such as “robo advisor”, “big data” or “artificial intelligence” make many people feel uneasy.
Despite the many new possibilities, this triggers the question of whether there will even be areas where humans can pit themselves against the machines. One who has special answers to it is Christoph Maul. The cabaret artist presented "Human vs. Machine" situations that everyone knows from his everyday (office) life, in his own way. He compared the benefits of self-driving cars and self-cleaning flats and showed ways how to trick artificial intelligence with human sophistication.
We spent a humorous, but also informative evening with about 100 guests in Altheim and 80 guests in Vienna.

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