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Wiesner-Hager Möbel GmbH 

Linzer Straße 22
4950 Altheim

Phone: +43 (0)7723 460-0

Success Stories 

I started my apprenticeship as a mechanical technician at Wiesner-Hager in 1995. Ten years later, with the company's support, I was able to qualify as a master craftsman in mechatronics. Since 2011, I have been head of the locksmith's shop/toolmaking department and I now train apprentices myself. Each apprentice possesses different strengths and Wiesner-Hager tries to promote these in the best possible way - just as it did during my apprenticeship. - Rainer Schernhammer, Locksmith’s Shop/Tool Making - From apprentice to trainer.
In 1984 I started an apprenticeship in the carpentry workshop of Wiesner-Hager. Since then a lot has changed: among other things the way furniture is made today. After my master craftsman's examination, I am now responsible for the costing of new products. In doing this, I can make the fullest use of my experience as a master carpenter and pass it on. - Walter Riedlmair, Costing - From apprentice carpenter to product costing.
Through the Braunau Aluminium Foundation, I was able to embark on a second course of education and obtain an additional apprenticeship certificate via a shortened apprenticeship. In the front office I am the first contact person for visitors and I see to the needs of our employees and customers. The best thing about my job is the variety - no two days are the same. - Laura Kindlinger, Front Office - From carer to office administrator.
Thanks to my career path from upholsterer and skilled worker to quality assurance, I understand all the processes a piece of furniture has to go through before it reaches the end customer. Wiesner-Hager has always enabled me to develop further - I could always rely on that. - Robert Unterrainer, Material Planning - From upholsterer to order scheduling.er zur Auftrags-Disposition
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