paro 24/7: The robust swivel chair for heavy usage by Wiesner-Hager


design: neunzig° design

In call centres, control rooms and in multishift operation, workplaces are occupied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Swivel chairs in continuous operation are subjected to above-average wear. With paro_24/7 Wiesner-Hager has developed a swivel chair specifically for permanent usage. Moreover, thanks to a range of particularly hardwearing fabrics and its robust mechanics the swivel chair has a loadbearing capacity of up to 150 kg. However the typical look of the paro_2 product family and the high resistance and durability remains unchanged. The paro_24/7 is simple to operate, making it particularly convenient.


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paro_24/7 Swivel chair with seat and back upholstered and high backrest

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