design: arge2

1983 – the beginnings of one of the most successful ranges of contract furniture for Wiesner-Hager: a highquality design with a timeless look, top-quality seating comfort and stability. The aluform series was born. Originally launched as a chair for use in cafeterias, the design has undergone many improvements over the years.

large selection of variants

The latest version, aluform_3, is a contemporary redesign that moves away from the severity of the classic towards a more modern aesthetic without losing the important features of the original. aluform_3 is the ideal seating option, whether used individually or in rows, for meeting and conference rooms, canteens and large halls.

Seminar, Meeting, Workshop, Canteen, Health Care


Detailed view of chair linking.
Row linking can be fitted for arrangement in rows; integrated seat number option available.
Detailed view of chair row numbers.
Row numbering. To identify the rows of seating (optional).
Detailed view of a brown writing tablet.
Stacking chairs with and without arms can be fitted with a folding, detachable, anthracite-coloured compact top writing tablet (optional).
Detailed view of a wooden backrest
Perforated backrest detail. An option for all chairs with a plywood backrest.
Five stacked chairs with red padded seat and black back.
Models 6430-6432: max. 6 chairs on the ground, max. 10 chairs on the trolley. Stacking trolley: model 6388-923 and model 6491-000.

Everything is in your hands.

Variants & technical data

Metal chair with wooden seat and back.

Stacking chair with beech arms

Wooden chair with black armrest and metal feet.

Stacking chair with polypropylene arms

Black padded metal chair.

Shell chair with beech arms

Gray padded metal chair.

Shell chair with polypropylene arms,

Metal chair with wooden back and wiriting t ablet.

Writing tablet

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