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The name furniloop symbolises the cycle of the product or its components. The prerequisites for refurbishing reusable components were established right from the product design stage. It is the goal of the design process to significantly reduce the consumption of material.

height adjustable
Cable management
Sustainable Design

Design meets responsibility.

The desk range consists of four different frame types: symmetrical and asymmetrical frames, with a choice of electric or mechanical height adjustment. The version that is electrically height adjustable satisfies the need for ergonomic workplaces. This is because frequently changing position between dynamic sitting and standing takes the strain off your spine and relaxes your back muscles. Particular importance is also attached to the screening. The fabric-covered, pinnable privacy panel is offered in two different sizes and encloses the workspace on three sides.

Office, Coworking, Executive office, Homeoffice


With optional electric height adjustment enabling a quick change between a sitting position and standing.
three office desks
Four different frame types.
two office desks with a screen
Acoustically effective privacy panel made of recycled polyester fibres.
office desk with a drawer
Utensil drawer made from recycled polyester fibres with a felt look.

Everything is in your hands.

Variants & technical data

brown desk with a black frame

Rectangular table

symmetrical frame, manually height adjustable
brown height adjustable desk with a black frame

Rectangular table

symmetrical frame, electrically height adjustable

Rectangular table

asymmetrical frame, manually height adjustable

Rectangular table

asymmetrical frame, electrically height adjustable
two double workstation with black swivel chairs
a beautiful office with furniloop office desk and a black swivel chair
A doubleworkstation in an beautiful open office

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