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Ecological Policy

By mapping out our ecological policy we define the principles of acting for all our enterprises in terms of environmental protection. It is binding for all employees at all our locations. We understand nature and human society as an integral part of the global eco-system that

has to be kept balanced by all means. As a commercial enterprise we recognize our special responsibility for preserving the natural conditions of living.

Ecological Principles

In accordance with this insight we pursue the following principles:


    • We act sustainably so that succeeding generations will find the same conditions we find and expect today.
    • We consider the protection of the environment as a concern of vital significance. The management of the enterprise will review these eco-political guidelines at regular intervals with regard to new requirements, and it will establish procedures required for their effective implementation into operational practice and provide the necessary means.
    • We strengthen the personal sense of responsibility for the environment in all employees, raising their awareness for possible environmental burdens caused by our business activities and our products.
    • We continuously reduce hazards and risks of production, marketing, use , recycling, and disposal of our products for the protection of our employees, neighbours, customers, as well as the environment. We take questions and doubts raised by the public regarding our business activities very seriously and respond to them constructively.
    • We actively inform the public about the environmental impacts caused by us, as well as the environmental performances we provide.



    • We inform our customers about the safe use, recycling and disposal of our furniture. We constantly work on expanding our knowledge of possible impacts of products, production processes and their environmental aspects on man and the environment.
    • We obligate our suppliers to keep the safety, health and environmental standards required by us.
    • We use resources conscientiously and sparingly.
    • We regard legal and regulative provisions as minimum requirements, striving to an even higher degree of safety, health, and environmental protection at all locations.
    • We undertake to maintain an environmental management system and to undergo current inspection by independent experts.
    • We are fully aware of our responsibility towards the social environment of the enterprise, i.e. towards the public, our business partners, and, in particular, our employees.



Markus Wiesner

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