Tourismusveband s'Innviertel - Interior design - Dienstleistungen - Concept Wiesner-Hager

Case Study: s’Innviertel tourist association

Interior Design Project: Renovation (2014)

During the expansion of the s’Innviertel tourist association office premises based in Geinberg, Roomware Consulting was commissioned with the interior architectural design of the premises. A shop located next door was integrated during the course of the renovation. The premises were entirely hollowed out. Roomware Consulting developed a comprehensive interior design concept, which ranged from designing the floors, wall and ceiling design right up to the furnishings.

A pivotal element for the tourist association was that the region be referenced. One special challenge was the creation of a harmonic balancing act between nature, the region and a modern furnishing concept. The use of materials with a natural look, such as wood and natural stone, in combination with bright office furniture and a greenish-blue colour accent created a fresh, trendy ambience. Images from the region rounded out the overall appearance.