Vialit - Interior design - Dienstleistungen - Concept Wiesner-Hager

Case Study: Vialit Asphalt GmbH &. Co. KG

Interior Design Project: New Building (2014)

In the course of expanding the office premises of the company Vialit in Braunau, Upper Austria, an entirely new building was erected. Roomware Consulting was commissioned with the interior design of the new construction. The floor plan provided by the architect of the new office building served as a basis for the entire interior design. Among other features, the concept included a foyer with a waiting area and reception desk, a large conference room for presentations and meetings, managing director, group leader and team offices and a cafeteria with a refrigerator, water dispenser and coffee machine. One special highlight is the “Sky Room”, a space for meetings and cosy get-togethers. Its Mediterranean flair creates a special ambience. In Austria Vialit is considered a pioneer of the asphalt industry and management paid special attention to ensure that this topic is also reflected in the design of the new construction.

For this reason copper was chosen as a stylish element colour, which shapes the entire colour and materials concept. The result is a balanced mix of cool and warm colours. Great emphasis was thereby placed on all of the details, from the lighting to the choice of matching images and plants. In addition to the interior design concept, Roomware Consulting was also responsible for the invitation to tender on the special furniture and accessories, the furniture concept and creative construction supervision. The interior design concept was very well received by staff and customers, which also led to Roomware Consulting being commissioned to design the passageway to the existing building.