TÜV Austria - Office consulting - Dienstleistungen - Concept Wiesner-Hager

Case Study: TÜV AUSTRIA.

Office Consulting Project: The new TÜV AUSTRIA campus creates added value for employees, customers and partners.

More than 300 TÜV AUSTRIA employees get a new office, training and meeting complex in the south of Vienna: the TÜV AUSTRIA campus in Brunn am Gebirge. The new building stretches over more than 7,300 square metres with six floors. The layout for each floor has been purposefully built with an open design with exchanges and dialogue being the focus.

As TÜV AUSTRIA project manager, Stefan Pfefferer watched over both the company organisation development process for the past two years as well as the planning and completion of the new building.

Wiesner-Hager project scope:

  • The ground-floor reception area was equipped with paro_2 swivel chairs with high backrests and neck supports.
  • The canteen was furnished with around 100 cafeteria seats and around 30 bar stools from the nooi product line.
  • In the office rooms, meeting spaces and working cafés we used 350 paro_2 swivel chairs and 130 paro_2 cantilever chairs.
  • For the meeting spaces on the top floor, 20 ayo conference chairs and 12 pulse conference chairs were selected.