point: functional swivel chair by Wiesner-Hager


Office chairs
design: Martin Ballendat

Perfectly adapted to the human body.

Ergonomically advanced, the point swivel chair combines a distinct expression in shape with a lightness of design. Most striking feature: the light transparent netting of the ergonomic backrest, shaped like a tight sail. A structure that provides effective lumbar support as well as conveying a feeling of lightness and harmony. point offers an excellent quality of seating through its patented synchronic height adjustment. The swivel-chair can be precisely adjusted to fit every size. point swivel chairs are everything to its office user, representing sophistication in design, simple operation and feeling good in the office.

Tested according to EN 1335, BIFMA.


Ergonomic tips: the fastest way to healthy seating!

point Swivel chair seat upholstered, back with black mesh

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