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Ergonomic tips

The quickest way to healthy sitting.

Did you know that 50% of all sick days Europe-wide are caused by problems of the musculoskeletal system? Human beings are not "built" for sitting, but for moving. The social changes, however, that have taken place over the past 150 years have made us "settled". After all, sitting is very comfortable - at least for the moment. Wrong sitting postures as well as constant sitting puts a strain on national economies and reduces the well-being of millions of people.

With an ergonomic office chair you're already half way to healthy sitting - but only half way: because the technically mature ergonomic features of a chair will turn to full account only if you take care that it is adjusted properly, and if you get up and get some exercise now and then. In our 3-minute ergonomics video we'll show you the quickest way to healthy sitting - giving also valuable tips how to set up your workplace ergonomically.

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