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The hardest quality check ever!

We are ruthless quality freaks. That's why, to us, customary load tests in the laboratory are not enough. The Try Hard series puts some picked units to thoroughgoing quality tests:

Try Hard 1.0: Our swivel chair paro_plus was sent skateboarding to show how it bears jumps, slides, and pirouettes in a halfpipe.

Try Hard 2.0: In a wakeboarding session on a quarry pond in Fischlham, the n.f.t. folding table demonstrated it was able to keep up with a surfboard.

Try Hard 3.0: A barstool in the bobsleigh track - that's a new one! But fizz accepted the challenge - and passed with flying colours! Look and see!

Try Hard 4.0: The nooi row linking chair embarks on an action-packed roller coaster ride through the Ice Speedway Hall in Inzell!

And we've got plenty more ideas for unconventional load tests! -> Stay tuned!

The hardest quality check ever!

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