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What’s on your desk, Nerma Linsberger?

Magazine Contact #22

Viennese architect Nerma Linsberger, who has made a name for herself in recent years with subsidised housing, is very high up. Her office is located in a residential tower block (built in 1957, architect Ladislaus Hruska), only a few steps away from Matzleinsdorfer Platz.

The lift entry on the 19th floor whets the appetite for history. And indeed, in the place where today Linsberger and her five employees draw plans for the homes of tomorrow, there was once a restaurant with a panoramic view over the whole of Vienna. “Allegedly, there were a lot of suicides here,” the architect adds. A few dozen people had hurled themselves into the depths in the course of the decades. “But that doesn’t bother me. The only thing that matters to me is the beauty of the view. From up here, Vienna looks full of the joys of life even on a grey winter’s day.” All in all, Nerma Linsberger’s space covers 230 square metres, spread over two floors. Downstairs, traditional work which needs a lot of concentration is done; in the penthouse one storey higher there is a quiet retreat laid out with bright green artificial lawn. Next to this is a roof terrace with a view over Vienna city centre. Parties with cevapcici and Bosnian pop music from the eighties take place here during summer.

Wojciech Czaja visiting Nerma Linsberger


1. At that time I hardly had any money. The cheapest fitted carpet was dreadful, so I decided to lay out my office with artificial lawn.

2. A jumble of cables. Yes, I know. This could look different, I admit. My excuse is that I’m intending to renovate in the near future. 

3. Light is one of the most important elements in my life. That’s why I have two lamps on my desk. 

4. I couldn’t work without Aquafix. 

5. Those are photos of my two children, Luka and Laya. 

6. Black files, what else! But at least the spines of the files are coloured. 

7. In the summer it can get pretty hot in here. As I don’t have air conditioning I have to make do with the fan. 

8. Recently I completed the "Sakura" housing project with 120 homes in Vienna-Floridsdorf for the property developer BWSG. This is an early working model. 

9. This is my two children’s old globe. The next time I go to Sarajevo I’ll take it to my nephew. 

10. Behind the curtain is my storeroom. I’ll say no more. 

11. I have a personal trainer with whom I regularly do weight training. This keeps me fit and healthy


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