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Ecological transparency versus environmental blah-blah-blah.

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Worldwide there has been a rapid increase in the number of different ecolabels, most of them only of regional significance. But who doesn’t like to wrap themselves in a cloak of sustainability, even if it has hardly anything to do with the value-added chain as a whole? True to the motto: Hurray, we’ve switched our vehicle fleet to electrically powered vehicles!

Wiesner-Hager is treading a different path: thanks to the introduction of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) at the touch of a button, we guarantee 100% ecological transparency with international comparability. We then leave it to the customer to decide whether a particular product is sufficiently environmentally friendly or not. On the basis of a comprehensive company ecological balance in acc. with ISO 14040, Wiesner-Hager provides a transparent representation of all significant environmental influences arising throughout the entire product life cycle of each product (piece of furniture), i.e. from the production of raw materials to waste management.

This includes global warming (CO2 emissions) as well as ozone depletion, summer smog, acidification, overfertilisation and use of abiotic resources. With the aid of environmental declarations customers can inform themselves at any time about the environmental impact of a product and factor this into their purchase decision. Wiesner-Hager sees this – for now purely voluntary – initiative for more ecological transparency as an important contribution to raising awareness with companies and public bodies. It may be assumed, however, that furniture will in future be incorporated into the ecological assessment of new office and public real estate. More detailed information on ecological transparency by means of product-related ecological balances is to be found at: sustainability/


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