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Together at the Top of Europe!

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At the end of June, AMAG Austria Metall AG celebrated the grand opening of the most modern aluminium cold rolling plant in Europe. An events centre with two visitor turrets was erected directly adjacent.

The structural execution of the mammoth project took only 16 months. Roomware Consulting was commissioned with planning the interior architecture of the whole events centre, including the two connected rooftop terraces, Wiesner-Hager provided the furniture, and together with Roomware Consulting was responsible for the design construction supervision, and also developed function and design drafts for the interior and exterior areas of the new build in agreement with the construction office and the general contractor, including planning the details.


“Together” as a Guide Value.

As soon as you enter the building, a wall decorated with a word cloud catches your eye. This wall shows many translations of the word “together”. It is intended to emphasise the concern’s far-reaching international relationships and “together” as a guide value, which turns into a vital mantra through the complete interior architecture. The staircase on the second floor is decorated with a wall tapestry which shows people in dynamic movement and is furnished with the eye-catching words “Walk together”, which evokes a feeling of collegial togetherness.

From the staircase, you reach the first visitor turret. This begins a tour of experiences, offers interesting insights into the production and the high-rack storage warehouse, and inspires meeting participants with the words “Grow together” to encourage collaborative development of visions and ideas.

The corridor leading on from there is designed to look like a runway, according to the motto “Take off together”. This is hardly surprising when you observe the striking floor markings and the model aeroplane which adorns the way and underlines the company value of mobility. In addition, such an analogy was created to display AMAG’s broad product palette, which, among other things, is an important supplier for the aviation industry. Aluminium – the base material of the concern – finds expression in the form of aluminium panels, which serve as wall coverings and appear almost like works of art. Only by looking twice can you see their true nature.

Another section of the corridor is lined with acoustically effective lounge furniture, which is best suited for small group conversations, telephone calls or short breaks. With the motto “Relax together”, this part of the building invites you to relax in company.

The visitor turret welcomes its guests with “Enjoy together” and opens out into a unique ambience with an imposing view of the production halls. As well as this impressive backdrop, the turret also has generous hospitality opportunities.

The motto “Communicate together” features the events hall. Due to the expansion, the existing multi-purpose space had become too small; now, the hall can accommodate up to 200 people. It is used for sales meetings and other internal events, as well as for customer events.

The visitor turret and the events hall are completed with rooftop terraces. The bridges over the glass ceilings, that bring light into the production hall, are particularly impressive. The stylishly minimalist outer area invites you to linger there.

Internationality and Sustainability.

The meeting rooms on the ground floor of the management building were already renovated in autumn 2016. This is a large meeting room and two smaller meeting rooms with a mobile dividing wall. Roomware Consulting detailed the whole space between the enclosing walls, including lighting, floors, wall designs, covers, curtains, glass foliation, plants, etc. Throughout the whole design, the company values internationality and sustainability are expressed. Particularly eye-catching: an aluminium covered wall with circular cut-outs in which natural moss is planted.

“Our collaboration with Roomware Consulting was marked with every characteristic that AMAG Austria Metall AG say of themselves: creative, innovative and reliable!”, says Dr Helmut Kaufmann, Chief Technical Officer at AMAG Austria Metall AG.

Our collaboration with Roomware Consulting was creative, innovative and reliable. Dr Helmut Kaufmann, Chief Technical Officer at AMAG Austria Metall AG Scope of Wiesner-Hager Project Interior architecture in conjunction with Roomware Consulting. 156 nooi stacking chairs and 35 yuno stacking tables were delivered for the events hall. The hospitality area of the visitor turret was fitted with 20 nooi bar stools and 8 macao bar tables. The management meeting areas were fitted with 40 nooi stacking chairs and 18 mobile folding tables from the skill product series.


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