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What’s on your desk, Stella Rollig?

Magazine Contact #25

Since the beginning of the year, she is the general director and scientific managing director of Belvedere. She describes her parterre office in the palace as the most beautiful working space of all time. Her walk into work leads from Rennweg through the imposing palace park up to the UNESCO protected baroque building.

“It is an uplifting feeling, being able to work in such an atmosphere”, says Stella Rollig. The art historian and Germanist, born in 1960 in Vienna, has a weakness for large, empty rooms. “I need air and space around me. And the objects must have a certain order. For me, thinking is nothing other than mental and physical sorting.” As far as furniture goes, most of the pieces come from the palace’s own Belvedere fund. And they were gathered together in a very precise manner. “It is good when you have employees who don’t just know the stock, but also understand the taste of the director so well”, says Rollig.


Wojciech Czaja visiting Stella Rollig


1. This is an enormous table from the Belvedere stock. It is made of stainless steel and a massive amaranth wooden board and was created by Barberini & Gunnell in 2009.

2. I already had this shelving system from USM Haller in my previous office at Lentos in Linz. A classic!

3. I don’t exactly have what you could call green fingers. The plants are an attempt.

4. This is a photographic work from Californian artist Kaucyila Brooke. My picture is called “Sean” and Sean has been my companion for many years and helps me not to take everything so seriously.

5. The printer is essential. I print many documents out to read them.

6. The Tizio standing lamp by Richard Sapper has been produced by Artemide for many years now.

7. There’s no view from here, which is the single little drawback in this office.

8. Waste paper basket? Most of the papers are confidential and end up in the file shredder.

9. This picture from Franz Lerch comes from the Belvedere stock. It has the succinct title “Frau am Schreibtisch” [Woman at Desk] and somewhat reflects the situation in this room.

10. The green seat is a design from Erich Boltenstern (1953) and comes from the conference room of the Austrian association of insurance institutions. A wonderful piece.

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