Office desks

etio dual workspace

design: neunzig° design

The dual workspace combines two table tops with only one frame and is therefore an economic as well as an efficient workspace solution – perfect for application in different office concepts. Important detail: both table tops can be height-adjusted individually simply by lifting the table tops. The electrically height-adjustable design allows a comfortable shift from a sitting to a standing height workstation. Frequent change of position has a positive effect on the well-being: Standing activates the back muscles and thus relieves the spine. An upright posture improves breathing. The brain is optimally supplied with oxygen, which promotes concentrated and productive work.

height adjustable
Cable management


Person adjusts the height of a white desk.
The workstations are height-adjustable in increments of 15 mm each (adjustment range: 650 to 850 mm). No tools needed for adjustment.
Cable management at an white office desk.
A cable flap on the table top and the foldable cable channel ensure tidy and mostly invisible cabling.
Detailed view of the screens on an office desk.
The screens are mounted on the organiser rail – screens are made either from laminate or with fabric covering
Hand switch for electrically height adjustable tables.
Hand switch with memory function for electrically height-adjustable tables. Various settings can be saved and recalled directly.
A writing pad covered with leather and a stationery drawer are both available on request.

Everything is in your hands.

Variants & technical data

Height adjustable dual workspace.

Dual workspace

electrically height-adjustable
Height adjustable workstation in a modern office.
Office desk with black swivel chairs in a light and modern office.
A person sitting on an office desk in front of a notebook.
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