Lounge seating


design: Kai Stania

With Care Living, Wiesner-Hager creates stylish living environments that balance functionality with homeliness. One such example is grace, the new Care Living product family whose design conveys familiarity, safety and security. Ergonomics and comfort are integrated in the furniture as discreetly as the sophisticated technical features hidden in the products of Care Living. Instead, contemporary aesthetics combined with retro elements prevail.

The design and function improve the quality of people’s lives and also provide the necessary safety. The grace wing chair completes the range: integrated loudspeakers allow people to listen to familiar sounds and music from their own world of memory. Furniture is an important aspect in enhancing mobility and facilitating a largely independent life for as long as possible. The feeling of safety and security radiated by the furniture helps to promote residents’ independence. In the field of care this is of paramount importance. Ergonomically shaped chairs enhance seating comfort and may also be conducive to the quicker recovery of patients. Stable constructions and the selection of durable high-grade materials ensure that our products are capable of carrying high loads and can be handled safely. Knob-shaped armrests as standing aids or optional equipment such as linking devices provide for additional safety - one of the most important features in care areas. Thus, furniture becomes an important feel-good factor.

Health Care, Library, Lounge, Waiting area


Loudspeakers integrated in a wing chair.
The loudspeakers integrated in the wing chair cannot only be used for relaxing entertainment, but also to support memory training, e.g. for people who suffer from dementia. Music and sounds from personal memories help to stimulate the senses in a very individual way, which creates positive feelings.
Green club chair with  detachable cover.
The seat is detachable, which facilitates cleaning in inaccessible places such as the area between the seat and the back and armrests.
Green wing chair with detachable cover.
On request, the seat cover can be detachable. Thus it can be washed easily and replaced without difficulty, if required. Seats with detachable covers are provided with impermeable Eratex padding.
Green stool.
As an option, the stool can be fitted with a wedge-shaped cushion.

Everything is in your hands.

Variants & technical data

Weißes Fauteuil mit Metallgestell.

Small lounge chair, fully upholstered

White club chair.

Club chair, oak, fully upholstered

Brown wing chair.

Wing chair, oak, fully upholstered

Stool with seat upholstered.

Stool, oak, seat upholstered

Red lounge chair with a small black table.

Powerful colours for improved prospects.

Colours may have a positive influence on well-being. Clear shades of blue will invoke images of secluded rivers and seaside holidays thus having a pacifying effect. Fresh green combined with some vibrant nuances of red is invigorating and will strengthen the body’s defences. Warm colours are motivating; a canon of yellow, orange and red colours will lift the residents’ spirits and put smiles on their faces.

Red bench with detachable cover.

Easily kept clean and hygienic.

In the field of care, strict hygiene principles apply as a matter of course. Detachable and washable covers mean that upholstered furniture can be cleaned easily. Optionally, a moisture-repellent Eratex padding provides additional protection of the upholstery. For surfaces, particularly hard-wearing materials are used that also withstand aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants. Because of a weakened immune system and possible underlying medical conditions, older people are much more susceptible to infections. To avoid the transmission of infectious diseases and to maintain the residents’ health, the demands on materials are high.

Room with two white benches.

No compromise on fire safety.

Social institutions such as old people’s homes and hospitals are faced with growing requirements in terms of fire safety. This also applies to the furnishings. The fire behaviour of our materials and furniture is tested and assessed, and then the furniture is certified in accordance with the European EN standards regarding fire safety. Among others, the wood lacquers, powder coatings of metal surfaces and certain upholstery materials such as synthetic leather in the standard range comply with the fire regulations.

In care environments, the demands on furniture are particularly high. Apart from functionality and flexibility they have to meet a number of safety and hygiene requirements, while simultaneously satisfying high aesthetic and design standards.
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